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artpump’s journey to You



First, make contact with artpump over e-mail or by telephone. artpump swears by the individual approach, as this is the only way that I can create a tailor made design just for you. You will be communicating directly with the artist, Petja Montanez.



Getting to know

You tell me what your style is and show us who you are. Share with me the colors and shapes that inspire you, what you’re interested in, who your role model is or isn’t… Simple, let’s get to know each other.  

Artpump creates tailor made design, which reflects your unique style and personality. The manner of personalization takes place a bit differently than you might be used to. You don’t have to issue any instructions when it comes to the design of your sneakers, clothes or accessories. Artpump design is created by artist Petja Montanez, based on your personality and the style you wish to represent you.



We will deliver your highly anticipated artpump package with sneakers through the mail.
Become part of the artpump movement and share your experience with others. 

Order artpump sneakers

artpump isn’t churned out on some factory line, as per some previously planned industrial process. artpump is handcrafted work, representing a unique piece of artwork inspired by and requiring an individual approach! I make a special effort for each customer and their design, investing a lot of love, care and effort into each piece of art.


Final price will depend on the complexity of the art. This price does not include the cost of the shoe. I can provide the shoe if you’d like but they will be purchased at retail cost. There won’t be a discount for me purchasing the shoe or you providing the shoe. Final price will be determined after sending in your inquiry and I will respond with an invoice that will be sent to your email that’s provided.


artpump all-inclusive
  • We get you the shoe. Your choice between Converse All Stars (Hi, Low) or some other brand

  • artpump design by Petja Selan

  • Shipping & delivery

Price: minimum 220 EUR (art)

Final price: Art + extra sneakers price (model) + shipping



  • You send the sneakers. We come to agreement on all the details personally, beforehand by email

  • artpump design by Petja Selan

  • Shipping & delivery

Price: minimum 220 EUR (art)

Final price: Art + shipping

artpump extra custom



Slovenia or Croatia: 9 EUR

World: 42 EUR

Total price of Ai all-inclusive

*Final price of Ai all-inclusive may vary depending on a price of a model of sneakers.

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